Design and safety works

Design and safety works

As you may know, the drainage activity of compact structure asbestos highly regards the removal of asbestos cement roofs, and this activity involves an intrinsic risk of falling from heights. This risk needs maximum rigorousness in the preparation of the needed prevention measures.

The work plan shall include design elements of the safety measures, especially regarding the risk to fall.


  • description of the roof: construction materials, load at the level of the ceiling, height, inclination, existing access ways, subjacent activities and plants etc.)
  • risk to fall: description of vacant openings (external-internal), safe free fall distance, pendulum effect etc.
  • safety measures: description of safety measures against falling from height, justifying the options according to the smallest principle and to the priority of the collective protective measures to the individual protection measures (e.g.: perimeter scaffold, protective bulwarks, bridge supporting systems, plates against falling, lifeline, structural anchorages) and arrangement methods (e.g.: methods for installing the lifeline devices, assembly of protective bulwarks etc.)
  • description of the site areas and logistics of installations and machines: design of waste storing areas, arrangement of hygienic and assistance services, delimitation on site, preferential routes etc. with marking out on graphical representation
  • DPI description (of individual protective devices) chosen related to the identified safety devices (cords, devices, energy absorber..etc)
  • emergencies: in assessing the system against falling we shall analyze in the same time the possibilities, methods, devices and times for granting the help

The design shall take into account the risks marked out in the analysis of the drainage intervention. Therefore, in the cases involving a high risk of falling (e.g.: lack of bearing ceiling, skylights), we shall attach the work plan a report for this purpose, with the related planimetry, which shows the safety of workers, form the moment of access to the benchmark, in all work stages. This document shall clearly explain the abovementioned items.