Biogas, a great opportunity for modern agriculture

The biogas spinneret has some peculiarities that make it particularly interesting for the agricultural:

• is a very elastic supply chain that allows you to take energy advantage by an extremely wide range of products that others productive sector can't use (livestock manure, agro-industrial by-products and wet time-varying, animal, etc..), reducing the competition for supply

• is a chain typically short: "born" short because it uses products that can not go a long way as it is very humid, "dies" shortly because it has to handle residue (digestate) wet for economic reasons must find a place in the immediate vicinity of the plant (10-20 km)

• is an agricultural supply chain because the size of the plant and came from 20 kW up to 2-3 MW, enabling many companies to equip themselves with an alternative / supplement agricultural income

• is a chain because there is a certain all-inclusive rate that varies according to the size of the plant and of the matrices used in input which is paid monthly for 20 years, the farmer does not have to worry about locating the product and get paid

• is a chain environmentally very promising because, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of livestock partial recovery of the spontaneous emission of methane from storage, allows you to produce electricity saving fossil fuel technology

• under certain conditions also allows the use of the thermal energy cogeneration (domestic heating, drying fodder, livestock shelters, greenhouses, residential users)

• can lead to the production of "biomethane" or biogas refined by carbon dioxide and other gaseous contaminants to be introduced into the system and used in systems with high energy efficiency or used as biofuel vehicles. For the first time in Italy, the PAN has enunciated the possibility of producing biomethane and in February 2011 it was approved the legislative decree n. 28 for the application of this possibility, as well as all the news to encourage future renewable resources.

Ultimately, the chain of biogas represents an opportunity for the agricultural world that can become a major player in achieving the strategic objectives of national energy, intercepting at the same time all the "added value" of the production chain, eliminating any middleman and allowing exploit all the agricultural land currently under-used and / or agro-industrial by-products that are currently being managed with high economic and energy costs.