Asbestos disposing

Asbestos disposing

A possible danger for the health of citizens is represented by the presence of materials which contain asbestos and other mineral fibers in buildings, objects and roofs. Starting with the 80s, they have paid attention to exposures and to the possibility to consider asbestos a contaminant material for the environment.

Based on such considerations, besides Law 257/92, which prohibits in our country the extraction, import, export, trading and production of asbestos, certain decrees and applicative circulars have been issued (see the Ministry of Health) having as object the approach of problems caused by asbestos.

Asbestos consists of an assembly of fiber and non-combustible minerals, components of which are calcium and magnesium silicate. This was used on large scale in the last in certain sectors like constructions and industry to the 90s, when the law prohibited its use.

The inhalation of fibers used in the air determines a serious risk for health. Despite all this, if the material is compact, that is, it is not deteriorated and without abrasions, the risks are minor. For a change, if it is friable, that is it can be easily chopped or reduced to dust by simple manual pressing, there is a danger to inhale the fibers, and therefore, it can become harmful for health. Extended exposure determines sometimes serious and irreversible pathologies, especially of the respiratory apparatus.

The Regional Asbestos Plan Lombardy (PRAL), approved by decision 8/1526 from December 22, 2005, proposed a series of strategic objectives, in order to determine the dimension of the risk caused by friable and compact asbestos.

Such objectives come to complete the census and the mapping of the places where there is asbestos, with the development of programs for a better sanitary and for the establishment for 2015 of the term for the removal and delivery with the landfill of the full quantity of asbestos on the regional territory.

Gruppo Mossali srl Company is registered with no. MI03621 in the National Register of Environmental Administrators at class category 5-F (collection and transport of dangerous waste – the total annual quantity processed below 3.000 t) and 10A (drainage activities of the goods containing asbestos performed on construction materials which contain asbestos in composite materials with cement or resin structure).

Such registrations authorize the companies for processing, removing and transporting with own means to authorized landfills for dangerous and non-dangerous waste for the final processing. It is endowed with competent technical / operative staff and machines, proper from technical point of view, in order to deal with drawing samples for analyses within authorized labs, to drafting the work plan which is to be presented to competent institutions (ASL – Public Health Directorate), to complete processing. Upon the end of the operations, the beneficiary shall be issued the full documentation which proves the processing according to law.